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Functional Kitchen Transformations

That empower you to better serve those you love most

Kitchen​ Connection designs and builds custom kitchens with an emphasis on enhancing your abilities to better care for those you love.


KC helps families approaching a kitchen makeover make sense of the overwhelming possibilities, steer past the marketing hype, and go for the type of kitchen that will make their home the comfortable place to which every member of the family wants to gravitate and enjoy the daily interactions together.












If any of the above resonates, Binyamin Spinka, founder and director of Kitchen Connection, will meet with you face to face, listen carefully to your exact needs and wishes, and give his recommendations, at no purchase obligation.







Binyamin Spinka


Binyamin's mission is to help families in Israel -especially Anglos- make sense of all the marketing hype and potential pitfalls surrounding kitchen make-overs, and deliver a tailor made solution that's just right for each family. When people relay how KC's creations have made a lasting positive impact on their daily routine, family dynamics, and quality of life, Binyamin gets a deeper level of satisfaction from his work that motivates him to do more for the next family.

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Our patient design team works with you until you are 100% comfortable with all the details using 3D CAD. 

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