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Functional Kitchen Transformations

At Kitchen Connection we believe kitchens should be easy to use and easier to organize.

That's why we put a premium on the design of each kitchen with all your specific needs in mind.

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Shmaya Reichman

After using Kitchen Connection for my own kitchen, they are at the top of my contractors' list for work orders and recommendations. The attention to detail and the pride they take in finishing a project to the very end, is what really makes all the difference.

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Leora Gershaw

As a designer with Israel Dezign I have had the opportunity to work with Kitchen Connection on several projects. I can say honestly that Binyamin and his team work to make the client happy. They have a superior product and many beautiful options.


Shmaya Zelcer

When my clients use  Kitchen Connection, I know that the kitchen modeling process will be relaxing and enjoyable for everyone. The attention to detail and ease of communication between Kitchen Connection, the client, and myself, ensure that everything comes together to the highest standards. My clients are delighted and so am I.













About Benjamin Spinka


Binyamin's mission is to help families in Israel -especially Anglos- make sense of all the marketing hype and potential pitfalls surrounding kitchen make-overs, and deliver a tailor made solution that's just right for each family. When people relay how KC's creations have made a lasting positive impact on their daily routine, family dynamics, and quality of life, Binyamin gets a deeper level of satisfaction from his work that motivates him to do more for the next family.

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