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Special Features: Maximizing the Potential of Your Space

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes and the dimensions vary greatly. So, naturally, it can be difficult to plan to use and maximize every inch. Usually, we find that after all the main features are set, there is inevitably going to be some dead space. One of our favorite parts of creating a kitchen is fitting in all sorts of custom and nifty storage concepts so that we take advantage of the whole space. These storage concepts are super functional, keep your things in order, and fun to show off to our guests ;). Here’s a couple of cool ideas we love that will help you stay super organized!

The Pull-Out Spices Vertical Drawer (and/or bottles)

This sneaky drawer slides into its own little cranny for a fun and organized way of sorting all your favorite herbs and spices. You can also use this concept to store bottles, especially ones used for cooking like olive oil.

Honeycomb-Style Wine Storage

The great thing about the wine rack is that, well, it holds wine! But more importantly (for some) it can be a great way to fill an awkward space with a cool honeycomb-style design that can adapt to fit any nook or cranny. As an added plus, they look great and definitely give you some extra points for style.

In-Door Pot Lid Rack

Pot lids are notoriously difficult to store in an organized fashion which is why we love this solution. Stealing the concept of the dish towel rack and installing it to the inside of the cabinet door makes a great way to both keep your pots and pans more organized and take advantage of the unused space on the door!

Hanging Mug Rack

Similar to pot lids, mugs can get messy and take up a lot of cabinet space, especially for those of us with too many of them! In comes the Hanging Mug Rack. This solution is not only an extremely efficient, it also is a warm and inviting touch that will make you want to call your best friend over for some espresso.

If you liked this article let us know! We’d love to get your feedback and maybe we’ll make a part two for this article. If you’d like to see a whole collection of photos of these concepts, check out our pinterest board

We are continuously adding pictures of great ideas over there so be sure to check it out!

Please note, we love to share incredible ideas, however, not everything on pinterest is available for us to build. Be sure to be in touch to find out what can and cannot be done!

Thanks for reading!

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